Athens Digest 07.07.2019 – Breaking News

Greek elections: Convincing victory for the Conservatives

Official projections show Kyriakos Mistotakis’ New Democracy party has won a convincing victory in Greece’s general election with an estimated 39.8 percent of the vote and 158 seats in a 300-seats parliament. With more than 40 percent of votes counted, Golden Dawn is expected to narrow fail to re-elect MPs in a six-party parliament _ but that result could change. Even in seven-party parliament, New Democracy maintains majority in parliament with 154 seats.

New Democracy 39.8 percent (158 seats)
Syriza 31.6 percent (86 seats)
Movement for Change (KINAL) 8.3 percent (23 seats)
Communist Party (KKE) 5.3 percent (14 seats)
Greek Solution 3.7 percent (10 seats)
MeRA25 3.4 percent (9 seats)
Golden Dawn 2.96 (0 seats)