Three years of Athens Digest and we are moving on!

Hundreds key stakeholders from several sectors all over the world have trusted us so far by getting access to our comprehensive and reliable report on Greece with a reading time of less than 2 minutes. We are thankful and we are moving forward, focusing on being more useful to them. So, as of January 2021:

  • Our newsletter will be distributed each Monday and Thursday morning at 07.30 CET.
  • Our subscribers will be the first to have access to the “Athens Brussels Review” podcast (Greek Edition). Top officials from the most reputable think tanks in Brussels and in Athens (names soon to be announced) are going to debrief you about the way that EU initiatives are affecting Greece and how Greek policies are being perceived in Brussels and in European capitals. The podcast will be available in the end of each month except August.
  • In the middle of each month (as of 2021 Jan. 15th), a senior Greek official/policymaker will be interviewed (in English) by John Papageorgiou, Founder & Head of Athens Digest. The interview will be distributed separately from the newsletter to all subscribers.

And there is more to come shortly.

Of course, upon subscription, you still have access to exclusive statements and reports included to our newsletter. On a regular basis, key European and Greek experts are analyzing or commenting. Moreover, Athens Digest can be a key tool for you in case you are reporting on the Greek economy, politics, market as well as on several sectors (health, energy etc.).

(You may see some older editions of our daily newsletter on our homepage)